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short denim skirt and stockings

After flashing all the men at the party, my pussy is aching for some cock. Oh well I will just have to do with one of my big cock shaped vibrators. Of course you can watch. Anyway, what do you think, is this skirt to short? I have just got in from a friends birthday party. I spent the whole evening flashing my panties and the tops of my stockings, in this skirt that was way to short.

“I am imagining you in the toilets, your hand slipping inside your white panties, are you shaven, do you have a small strip of hair, if so i am wondering what colour it is, dark, or maybe you are blonde and have a light coloring of pubic hair covering your sweet pussy.

Your finger is rubbing your clit, your eyes are shut imagining i am there watching you, peeking through a small hole in the cubicle.  i see you move slightly to get more comfortable, i realize this is so you can slide your finger up your wet pussy…….you sigh ever so slowly as your finger enters your soaking wet fanny, you start to move it faster, in and out, in and out. Your skirt has ridden up and you have your legs spread wide now as you start to fuck yourself faster, your breathing gets heavier and you slide you panties down to make it easier, your nipples are so hard they are hurting where they rub against your shirt – you just want to be naked, spread out, rubbing yourself furiously. Now i try to imagine your breasts, are they large, heaving through your blouse, or do you have a nice small perky pair, just the right size for someones mouth? I want to see you fucking yourself, i want to see you playing with your nipples, i want to see you scream as you make yourself cum, thinking of me watching you, wondering what i am doing to myself.”



  1. Ricco Hardrod

    I love that pose, I would love to take you!!!! ;)

  2. marty

    How i would love to get between those stocking legs and work my magic on you.MMMMMMM. :)


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