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school teacher in stockings

What do you think would make you work harder, to be threatened with my cane or a flash of my stockings?  I think I look like a strict school mistress don’t you? Would you like to be in my classroom?

“When no one was looking I would climb under your desk. I would slide my hand up your skirt and slowly remove your panties. I would then run my hands up the inside of your thighs and massage your clit. Slowly to start with. Then I would slide a finger inside you slow and deep.

After a little while I would hitch up your skirt and pull you to slouch in your chair. I would then run my tongue over your clit. Flicking it against your wet warm hole. After a while. I would come out from under the table and lead you to your empty  office. I would sit down on his chair. Pop out my cock, hitch up your skirt and slide u on top of me.”



  1. warren brown

    This is a horny, very sexy piccy of you looking the boss. very nice. I’d love to be your pupil. bet you can teach me a thing or 2. love it! XXX

  2. Rikki

    You’ve got my undivided attention miss!

  3. Mike

    Wow! What an amazing picture. Would love to be in a class taught by you. Totally sexy xx

  4. phillip

    i,ll do what ever you want , just don,t cane please sexy as hell

  5. DJ Walsh

    I’d love to be in ANY room that you are in!!!!

  6. ant

    Oh please disipline me with your cane x

  7. Greg


    You can spank me as much as you like.

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