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ladies in stockings

What about me and a friend, both in stockings posing for you? what is it about stockings that you love so much? Would you like to see me in stockings?

“I want to pick you up from your office in Central London in my Bentley ( yes I actually do own one ! ) to take you out to Bray . You should be in a short skirt and a crisp white blouse wearing your usual stockings and a pair of the tiniest knickers as you show in your latest picture . You slide into the passenger seat beside me and settle down into the soft leather as we set off through the traffic .

 Almost immediately you start to push your hands up in between your thighs and start to play with yourself as you tell me how much you want me to fuck you hard when we get to the restaurant . As you speak and play with your cunt through the flimsy fabric of your panties you can feel your juices begin to flow and wet the material . After a while , even I can start to smell your cunt and it is beginning to turn me on which you can see in my trousers .

You are now getting keen to feel your fingers right up inside your cunt so you pull the small triangle to one side and push 3 fingers right up inside – they slip in easily because you are now getting so wet . I can hear the sloppy sounds as you start to masturbate right in front of me and now I can feel my cock really harden as it strains to get out of my trousers .. I can see your juices start to dribble out down your thighs on to the leather seat and the smell of your sex is now reeking throughout the car . 

I want to taste your cunt right now so I reach across and pull your fingers out of your pussy and pull them up to my mouth and suck on them . The taste is sweet and now it makes me need some attention myself .

I take your hand and place it on my crotch and begin to rub my cock through the fabric of my suit and tell you to get it out and suck it .

You lean across the car and open the zip and release my now rock hard cock and I take your head and push it firmly down onto my rod . You begin to suck up and down it greedily – all the while I am continuing to drive through the London traffic . We are passing all sorts of other cars who probably cant see exactly what you are doing although the can see you arse up in the air of the passenger seat so they can probably guess what is going on .Occasionally a truck passes by and they can see in and one of them smiles at me and honks his horn as he can see what you are doing to me .

I reach across with free hand and start to play with your arse and your cunt to make you cum as well as me . I am now telling you that I want to cum in your mouth and that only makes you suck me harder until with a muffle groan I start to pump my spunk down your throat whilst I can feel your own orgasm start to come on in response …

And all this is before we even arrive at the restaurant where you know that I am going to park the car in a corner of the car park , bend you over the warm bonnet an fuck you up the arse”



  1. phillip

    two stunning women in stockings makes me want to shoot my load xx

  2. dave

    Dark haired one is a minger

  3. phil

    is there any chance of meeting either one of you gorgeous ladies xx

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