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MILF in white stockings and eating strawberies

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

In a posh hotel for once doing some pictures. Having a little drink, eating some strawberries and dressed up in white stockings and a corset. These are nice big pictures of good quality. Wearing black heels there are lots of spread pics here. As a “climax” I’m eating strawberries, I’m not sure why, but the photographer thought it would look good. So we did it. lol





Milf french maid masturbating in stockings

Monday, August 18th, 2014

As you may or may not know I’m actually an accountant. But when I clean the house I like to dress up as a naughty French Maid. Well it does make the house work so much more fun. Especially when I dress in white hold up stockings as well. I also have a little pair of little white panties on that get very wet when I know you are looking at me. They are so wet I need to take them off and smell them. You can see me sniffing my own wet white panties here. Before fucking myself with a wooden rolling pin. Do you like watching a mature women masturbating while dressed up in uniforms and stockings? If you do then enjoy my own personal amateur pictures.


Bitchy Secretary Sabrina loves black cock

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

There is something here for everyone, for any of you who like to be humiliated about how precisely tiny your cock is, in that case this is certainly for yourself. However if you simply enjoy observing the horny secretary at work on her chair fucking her cunt with a massive black dildo in that case this is for you.

sabrina says “Watch when I pull my panties down and spread my stocking covered legs. You’re able to view me personally open nice and wide while pushing this huge black tool in to my own wet shaved hole. You can view precisely how large ebony pricks tends to make me. ”

Do you have any bitchy secretary within your place of work who enjoys to tease? I’ll guess she additionally is in love with large charcoal prick and fantasizes about shagging these while using the big dildo’s on her desk. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Cock loving MILF Lady Sonia

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Lady Sonia is a rich , very posh and well spoken, educated British Lady. Lady Sonia is also a filthy slut who loves cock and pussy. Lady Sonia loves to tease the men in her life, she also loves to suck their cocks and fuck them behind her cuckolded husbands back. Lady Sonia loves to dress up in country clothes like Jodhpurs, fully fashioned stockings and pantyhose and she has plenty of boots and shoes to tease with and also get fucked in.

Lady Sonia has a very rich cuckold husband and although he can no longer get a stiff cock to satisfy his wife with, he still gets excited when she flirts with his friends and even fucks them. He loves to hear stories about how she seduces his best friends and how she fucks them and swallows their load and lots of it is filmed for him and us to watch.  All the time knowing that they have just spunked on or up her. Lady Sonia also fucks any of the staff embers she likes from the stable boys to the Maids.


British M.I.L.F Sabrina loves to tease men with her panties

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

I like to tease men, showing them my panty’s in addition to my own hosiery, and white-colored Egyptian cotton panty’s appears to be just what exactly excites males the most. Yet no matter what I’m putting on, I just adore to tease. Watch me on this movie shot inside the sleeping quarters, where by I’m dressed in ebony lingerie, a garter belt in addition to light 100 % cotton panties & I really wish to tease you. So I masturbate through my own really damp light panty’s, yanking the knickers inside of my own very damp cunt, and also rubbing my own ass through the panty’s. Would you like me personally on your own sheets rubbing myself in my own undergarments and tempting you? Could this help make your own penis incredibly stiff? I really like to tease a person so the prick becomes really rigid without a doubt. You can discover I’m keen on more than simply teasing using stockings.You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

white-panty-play-003_0001.jpg white-panty-play-010_0001.jpg white-panty-play-016_0001.jpg white-panty-play-005_0001.jpg white-panty-play-040_0001.jpg

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Short movie from Down Blouse Loving

Monday, August 11th, 2014

This is just a short clip, it was taken on a modeling shoot I was doing for Down Blouse Loving. But I thought you might like to see it. All the girls on Down Blouse Loving from the UK . Down Blouse Loving film in a natural style and base the scenes on the girl’s personalities. A lot of the girls like to talk to you and tease you and flirt with you. Some of them tell you off for perving down their blouses! They have lots of boob and nipple slip views for you to enjoy as well. If you want more down blouse content then take a look at Down Blouse Loving here


What do you think of my new hair colour?

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

What do you think of me new hair cut and colour? I hope you like it. I love it. I guess you will be more interested in my big MILF boobies than my new hair cut though. There is something very classy about all black lingerie, black bra, black knickers and black hold up stockings, especially with black shoes don’t you think? Will today that is what I am wearing with not much else.





white stockings and red panties

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

I think you are looking at me playing with my big breasts, you dirty git. Well OK then, have a good look while I play with my huge breasts. I think red and white go so well together, don’t you think? I am not sure you are looking at my stockings or panties here are you?

” I’m imagining you sitting at your desk typing and answering the phone. Then something sets you off and you start to feel yourself getting wet, so you get up a little awkwardly and make your way to the toilet.

When you’re in there you pull your knickers down and start to play with yourself and start to moan quietly as you rub yourself. Suddenly you hear someone come in but you can’t stop yourself and you have to keep on playing until you come and end up bracing yourself against the side of the cubicle.

Suddenly, whoever has entered is knocking urgently at the cubicle door. So urgently you forget yourself and just open it without smoothing down your skirt or pulled your panties up. I walk in and grab you before you can move, lock the cubicle door again and bend you over the toilet.

You’re surprised but you open yourself up to me, feeling my hands work around your arse to bend you into the position. Then you feel it - not what you expected though. Not a cock but my tongue licking you from side to side between your wet lips”


MILF in stockings in a motel

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

OK, I know we don’t really have motels in England, but we do have hotels, like the Holiday Inn etc. Often next to motorways. Well anyway, these hotels are ideal for couples wanting some quick fun, maybe people who are having affairs, but also they are perfect for taking some naughty pictures. A lot of amateur photographers use them with models like me, because often they are married and so a cheap hotel is perfect. Today in this shoot, I have on some sexy black hold up stockings, with a nice pattern in the back. Lots of spreading and posing for you.




M.I.L.F in stockings masturbates for you

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Watch me strip and masturbate for you. Today I am dressed in some stockings and I want to give you a lot of really big close ups between my stocking covered legs. Of course I don’t just want you to look deep inside my wet MILF pussy, I also want you to imagine what it is like to stick your fingers inside my pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to push your fingers inside my very wet cunt? But I can’t just leave it there can I? Watch as I bend over to show you my firm round MILF ass. Watch as you get to push your fingers inside my ass. I love to wear stockings for you and all my gentleman friends. Stockings are so much more sexy than pantyhose on a lady don’t you think?


Sabrina changing her stockings

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Sabrina is a very hot young milf who loves all sorts of different fetishes. Her main love is for stockings and some mild female domination. This British lady  love slaves as well as hung studs, cuckold men, and sexy hot women.Most of her own unique content centers around her love of stockings and teasing men. Which she does so well on her site This site is all about this very posh and well spoken young milf’s love of stockings and of course teasing men. But Sabrina also has a much harder side and loves to cuckold men and loves sex slaves, which she uses as sex objects or abuses for her entertainment. You can see a selection of Sabrina’s slaves at her site In these pictures we have Sabrina dressed up in fully fashioned stockings in her office and then in her old school uniform (Sabrina is a Rodean girl, where all the posh British girls go) You can also catch Sabrina on twitter if you use twitter where she tells us all about her every day naughty antics as well as teasing and dominating her sex slaves. See Sabrina on twitter here  If you want more of this stunning young British milf, she also has blog that she updates daily. You can see her blog here Or just enjoy these pictures of Sabrina here


British amateur MILF dressed up in her nurses uniform plays with herself

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

What is it about these mature kinky British sluts. They look so fucking horny dressed up in kinky uniforms. Like this British milf in her nurses uniform


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