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The sporty accountant at the gym

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Watch me in the gym after a sweaty workout, then have a workout yourself looking at me. OK, I cant always be dressed up in my office clothes, sometimes I like to work out at the gym, well I have to keep myself in shape for you don’t I?

“I’d ask you to lean against a wall as I go down on my knees and slowly stroke your legs while I lift up your skirt and start to gently kiss and lick your bum and then I’d want to start to kiss and lick the back of your thighs and the inside of your thighs while feeling your moisture.. As you become more moist, you’d lean over more, exposing your pussy  that I’d be able to lick and suck and my tongue would be able to gently lick inside your pussy.  

I’d then want to turn you around so that I can start to work on your clit, I’d want to make it hard with my tongue while I start to ease my middle finger and thumb into your bum and pussy while the other hand starts to play with your nipples, making them hard and erect. I’d want to work your clit till I feel you shudder. I’d then stand up and lift you so that your legs are around my waist and I’d gently pull your hair to expose your neck that I’d start to kiss and lick and then I’d kiss your ear before slowly starting to kiss and lick your lips and play with your tongue. As we kissed my cock will slowly rub against the entrance of you pussy,  moving against it but not entering you just yet. My finger would start to play with your bum again and would slowly enter it and my cock would slowly enter you, not all the way, just so that the tip of it is inside you and we’ll hold it like that and then I’d push it in just a little bit more, but not all the way, just half way and my finger will enter your bum further and you’ll want me to be deeper in you, but I wouldn’t do that just yet, I’d withdraw and start to work on your pussy and clit again with my tongue, tasting you and slowly I’d work my way up your body, touching every part with my hands and tongue, slowly and gently touching and tasting you, sucking and kissing and rubbing my tongue around your hard nipples while my finger is inside you feeling how wet you are. 

We’d start kissing and as we did, I’d hold both your hands above your head so that you couldn’t move and I’d slowly enter you and be fully inside you moving in and out very slowly and very gently and then I’d withdraw again and go down on you again and start working on your pussy and clit with my tongue until you can’t take any more and you wanted me inside you so much…I’d then turn you over so I could take you from behind”


British amateur milf in stockings stripping at home in this home made amateur movie

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Well I am not sure if you will like the music, but I hope you will like me stripping at home from my clothes and stockings. I’m not sure the music comes out as erotic as we intended it, so if you don’t like it then turn the music off. It is an amateur movie after all on my amateur site. Watch me as I rub my pussy through my black panties and make myself all wet. This home made video of me in stockings lasts about 10 minutes and you get a real good close up of my wet pussy and my big milf breasts. In the end of this home made movie I am in nothing but a pair of stockings with my legs wide open for you. Watch the full length amateur movie here


British busty MILF in red underwear

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

For some reason the sound hasn’t come out on this video. I have no idea why, well I do, it’s because we are amateurs lol. Anyway you don’t need to listen to me to look at my boobs. This is a softcore video of me at home in red panties and red bra. With my brunette hair. I have a good play with my big breasts and my round ass. I probably do to much talking anyway, so this will be a welcome relief for you ;-) Don’t forget to leave comments and requests of what you would like me to wear or to do. I like to make sure you are happy and have a nice stiff cock.


MILF in red fishnet stockings

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Lots of red and in these pictures, with my photographer having a bit of artistic license and playing with the pictures a bit. I am wearing red fishnet stockings and a red see through top, black panties. I am playing with a red and black vibrator. So it is a bit of a naughty set for you. Especially if you like to see a naughty MILF in fishnet stockings.





British M.I.L.F does a short skirt striptease

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

I am going to do a little striptease for you. I am wearing a blue bra which really shows off my large breasts for you you. Plus a very short skirt, so short when I bend over you can see my knickers. A pair of stockings and a garter belt. Does your wife do a striptease for you, when you come home from work and have had a very hard day? Well I think a lady doing a sexy dance and striptease is the perfect way for the man to unwind from his hard day at work and of course get hard again in the evening. Would you like to watch me dance for you? Watch the full length movie at my site


Busty British read head MILF, Red in stockings

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Red is a very busty British Red head who is one dirty slut as well. This busty British slut has a huge wardrobe of fabulous and very sexy and of course slutty vintage style lingerie, FF nylons and latex and lots of high heel shoes and boots not forgetting some of the killer heels that Red wears. Read really is sex mad as well as being shopaholic who loves to strut her stuff in style and loves to fuck all sorts of hot young men and women of course. Which is very lucky for all those men who want to watch red in style getting nasty in her very own amateur porn site, that Red runs herself. On Reds personal amateur site You will find 100’s of galleries of this slutty red head with literally 1000’s of pictures of Red with the men she likes to suck and fuck, loads of Red with toys & also lots of pictures and movies of Red with her many milf girlfriends! All in all on this great site there are more movies than you can shake your dick at. In these exclusive pictures we have taken from Red’s site. We have Red in rubber, delicious double layered nylons, heels and red nipple pumps to complete the outfit! and also we have Red is in fully fashioned nylons, 12 strap suspender belt - not forgetting the killer heels!


MILF in glasses

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

There are really two sets of pictures here, both taken on the same amateur shoot, but being as though the first set (me in glasses) has only a few pictures I have combined them in this one picture set. All these pictures, though still taken by an amateur photographer are still good quality and large in size. In the first pictures I have glasses on, a white blouse and stockings and in the second set i am wearing a summer dress. By the end of the shoot, of course I’m wearing nothing. See the full sets here on my site


Black hold up stockings

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Watch me spread my black hold up stockings covered legs and pull my green knickers inside my wet cunt. Would you like to smell my wet cunt juice soaked knickers? I love it when I get my knickers really wet and stuff them in a mans mouth. Would you like that? Sucking the wet juices from my knickers while I spread my legs? See the full set of pictures here


British amateur M.I.L.F lifting weights topless

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Well I guess this isn’t the normal way ladies lift weights is it? With no top on and their boobs out. But today that is what I am doing just for you. I am in the gym, with my boobs oiled up with baby oil and I am going to pump those weights. Of course I cant just tease you with me lifting weights and so after my muscles are nice and hard and your cock is nice and hard, i am going to spread my legs for you and flash you inside my pussy. Well a lady has to keep herself in trim some how and although I mainly go to the gym to watch all the hot young men pumping weights, I also have to go to keep in shape. Well a lady of my age must keep in shape mustn’t she. I do like to think I keep my body in shape for you. If i didn’t go to the gym so much I might not like getting my clothes off in front of the camera so much. Oh and the fact I am fucking my personal trainer makes sure I go as often as possible


Red panties and bra

Monday, September 8th, 2014

I often wear things like this when I go to swingers parties. It definitely gives the right impression, especially with a short floral skirt like this one. Do you like it?

“You’ve been looking forward to this day all week - the day the office is totally empty, just you working all day - the day you arranged just last week, although it seems so much longer ago. Today, its finally here. You check your watch again, its still not quite time, but its close, so very close. You’ve been so wound up looking forward to today that you’ve hardly been able to concentrate on your work for days. But today, its going to be all worth it, worth the wait.

You took extra time to dress today, picking out your outfit very carefully. You are wearing your high heels that make your legs look so good, with your black stockings and suspender belt. Your plain, but tight, white cotton panties you know are a favorite choice and hug your ass to perfection. With the anticipation you have been feeling all day, they are pretty wet - you’ve resisted the urge to masturbate, wanting to heighten the mood for later on, but its been hard to resist. You keep finding your hand sliding over your leg, brushing underneath your short skirt as if aching to just delve into the wetness of your pussy.

You glance at your watch again - its almost time - just as there is a quiet knock at the door. It opens, and I walk in, closing it softly behind me. I walk over to you and sit on the edge of your desk, in front of your chair. Without saying a word, you grab my arm and pull me down towards you, your hand finding the back of my neck. Your lips meet mine and you pull me to you hard, your mouth opening and your tongue pushing into mine, thrusting deeply - its clear how much you have been waiting for this, needing this.

The kiss continues for a moment, tongues intertwined, then you reach down and with swift moves, undo my trousers, reach inside and pull my cock out. You break off the kiss, lean forward and take the end of my erection slowly between your lips, swirling your tongue around the tip. You look up, while very slowly lowering your head down, taking more and more of my cock into your mouth. The feel of your lips and tongue pressed around my dick is incredible. You start to bob your head up and down, sliding my cock in and out of your mouth, your hand at the base of my dick sliding up and down in time. I reach down and with one hand grasp your breast through your shirt, gently pinching the nipple, and the other resting at the back of your head, pulling you closer and my cock deeper into your mouth. You speed up, sucking my dick faster and faster, sucking harder, griping with your hand tighter. I reach down and roughly unbutton your shirt, pushing it off your shoulders. Your bra is next, pulled off quickly and thrown to the floor. I pull you up, your mouth reluctantly releasing my cock but eagerly meeting my own lips. I turn and roughly shove everything on your desk off to one side before turning you and pushing you down onto the desk, on your back.

I start to kiss you - first on the lips, then moving down your neck to your chest, over your breasts kissing and licking both nipples until they are hard, then moving on down to the waist band of your skirt. I pull your skirt up, revealing your white panties, by now soaked in your wetness. I slowly pull them down, kissing down your legs as I go, over your suspenders before discarding your panties on the floor. I kiss back up your legs, your thighs until I arrive at your pussy. I move my hand up, gently running my fingers around your clit - teasing gently, then down to your pussy, circling around but never quite fully touching. You try to pull my hand to your clit, but I wont let you, continuing to tease you for a moment more. Then, with no warning I move my head forwards and I slowly lick from your pussy all the way up to your clit as you softly moan in pleasure. I continue to lick your clit, the tip of my tongue circling round then over the top. I slip my finger inside you, slowly moving deeper. I begin to slide my finger in and out of you, my tongue licking over your clit in time. You thrust your hips into my fingers, trying to make me go deeper and faster, but I pull back, continuing to move slowly, teasing you. I pull my finger out then add a second finger, just pushing gently inside the opening of your pussy, moving slightly in and out. I lick very softly over your clit, and then quickly move up to suck your nipple before kissing your lips. I simultaneously thrust my tongue into your mouth and both my fingers deep into your pussy, holding them inside you teasing your g-spot. I return my mouth down, kissing your neck, breasts then down to your clit again and lick in long, slow strokes. A third finger joins in, filling your pussy completely and starting to thrust in and out. I pull the third finger out, move it further down and very gently push it into your ass. Now, with three fingers inside you, I move my whole hand forward and back, my fingers sliding smoothly in and out of your pussy and ass. My tongue joins the movement, licking over your clit. I start to speed up as you thrust forwards to meet me, getting faster as you start to moan your orgasm building. I thrust faster and harder, your hips pushing down onto my hand and tongue, your moans get louder as you feel the pleasure building. Again and again I thrust my fingers deep inside you, in and out, in and out until you cannot hold back any longer and cry out as you come.

Before you can fully recover, I stand, pull off my trousers and move close to you, my cock positioned at your pussy. With one quick thrust, I bury my length deep inside you. You moan as the pleasure returns, feeling filled by my cock. I grab your hip with one hand and squeeze your breast with the other as I start to thrust in and out of you, getting faster and harder with each move until I am pounding you as hard as I can, both of us moaning and crying out! Just as you think you are about to come again, I pull out of you, pull you up off the desk and then down to your knees, moving my cock to your mouth. You take me deep into your mouth, your lips stretched around me. You taste your own wetness, licking up and down my length. I pull your head down closer, pushing more of my cock into your mouth, then pull you back up to your feet.

I turn you around and bend you down over the desk. You are expecting me to thrust my cock back into you, but instead I kneel down and lick at your exposed pussy from behind you. My tongue pushes inside your opening, licking up and down towards your clit. Then I stand, and once again position my cock at the opening of your pussy. This time I very slowly push inside, with just the tip penetrating you before pulling back out. I continue to just push the very tip of my cock inside you, teasing you. You try to push back to take me deeper, but I pull back and continue to tease. Then with one swift move, I thrust deeply, pushing my full length into your waiting wet pussy, filling you completely. You cry out with the sudden pleasure rush - I grab your hips and thrust again, and again. Our speed quickly increases until once again I am pounding deep into you, pulling your hips back to meet my thrusts. You feel my length sliding roughly in and out of you, filling you with each thrust and you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm. You cry out, urging me faster, harder, not to stop until finally you scream out as a massive orgasm shudders through you.

After a moment, you realize that you came before me, but that I’m getting close - you stand, push me back, turn and kneel once more, hands wrapping around my cock, stroking up and down the length rapidly. You lower your head down, taking the tip between your lips, running your tongue around and gently sucking. My moans and cries get louder and you feel me almost swelling inside your mouth. You thrust your head down, taking my length deep into your mouth, then pull back just as I come, your lips still wrapped around the tip of my cock - my come bursts into your mouth, and you swallow it down greedily, sucking every last drop from the end of my cock until I’m fully spent.

You stand back up, your lips moving to mine, savoring the satisfaction, the feeling that yes, today was definitely worth waiting for!”


Bedfordshire blonde goes brunette

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Sometimes a lady likes to change her hair style and colour, today at the hair dressers I decided I needed a change, so I have had my hair coloured brunette. But as I am wearing a pair of dark grey fully fashioned stockings, red panties and bra and being as though I am stripping down for you naked and spreading my legs for you, I don’t expect you will be looking at my new hair colour. Well not the hair colour on my head anyway. But you wont see much in the way of pubic hair because as well as getting a new hair style I have also shaved my pussy bald. So what do you think? Brunette or blonde?


British MILF fucking a big black rubber dildo

Friday, September 5th, 2014

“Watch me fuck myself with this big black rubber dildo. Watch me first suck this black dildo and give this black dildo a tit fuck, just like it is a a big black cock. I bet you like to watch white MILF’s with big black cocks don’t you? Well I haven’t ever done any pictures or movies with me fucking, sucking or giving big black tit wanks. But I do love big black dildo’s and they are the next best thing.”

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