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Black evening dress and red lingerie

I am off out for the evening with a gentleman friend. But before I went out I had a few pictures taken of my underwear and more importantly, what he might expect to see if he is a good boy tonight.

“well I think if I was to come to your office, there would start with a lot of kissing, my tongue and your tongue exploring each others, my hand would be rubbing you, pulling your skirt up higher and higher, me rubbing you through your panties, making you more and more excited, still kissing you, but then I’d be undoing your shirt, kissing your neck, tracing my tongue between your breasts, suddenly your bra would be undone and I’d  take a breast into my mouth suck your nipple, whilst still rubbing you.

Whilst still rubbing you, and sucking your nipple, I’d undo your skirt, let it drop to the floor, and move down your body, kissing your tummy, till I’m kneeling in front of you, pull you panties down and bury my head in your pussy, licking and sucking your clit, pushing you back till you were against the desk, with your legs wide open, and my fingers in you, whilst my tongue works on your clit”



  1. wayne

    You are so hot. Want to eat you, ride your ass.

  2. wayne

    I love yor pictures. You are vey hot. Need to masterbate to your hotness. Cum in my face, let me eat your ass.

  3. shaun

    Now that is sexy!,wow.

  4. jimdoc

    hi omg u r so hot

  5. DJ Walsh

    Now that’s a lucky young fellow you are going out with tonight. Unfortunately Florida is too far away to wish it were me but . . . . .

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