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I’m finally wearing jeans

I’m finally wearing jeans. I know what guys really like is ladies in skirts. But I think my ass looks good in jeans. What do you think? Do you think my ass looks OK in jeans? Well even if you… (READ MORE)


MILF in black stockings

Well today I have on a pair of black hold up stockings under my skirt. Want to see? This is the sort of thing that I usually wear to work. A long loose fitting skirt and always a pair of… (READ MORE)


MILF in leather spreading and toying

Today I am in a bit of leather in this super long spreading and toying set. A leather corset, leather skirt and leather knickers. But funnily enough, not leather shoe. There is a lot of spreading here, but after I… (READ MORE)


British milf masturbates in stockings

You get a lot of close ups in this real amateur movie taken of me at home masturbating. I have dressed up in some sexy stockings for you and I am determined to show you a very sexy time. Watch… (READ MORE)


Tinsel and jizz over my large M.I.L.f tits

After taking down all the Christmas decorations, we thought we would have a play with the tinsel, and of course with my tits. There is something about a nice pair of breasts and some nice shiny tinsel to give some… (READ MORE)


screan grabs from todays new movie

Here are some screen grabs from today’s movie update. In this movie I have a play with my big boobs before getting naked and masturbating with this red dildo.


short denim skirt and stockings

After flashing all the men at the party, my pussy is aching for some cock. Oh well I will just have to do with one of my big cock shaped vibrators. Of course you can watch. Anyway, what do you… (READ MORE)

Sandy Wet T Shirt 107

Wet T shirt movie

OK, its not a wet t shirt competition. but it is a wet t shirt, anyway with boobs like mine it would be unfair to put them into a competition wouldn’t it? I am in the shower in a wet… (READ MORE)


St Georges flash

As you know I am a patriotic kind of girl. So I have decided to get wrapped up in the St Georges flash, well actually i have nothing on apart from the St Georges flag. I think when it comes… (READ MORE)


Sandy Big tits outside

I decided to go to the local park to have these pictures taken. I was going to do a little bit of flashing, but in the end as you can see, I stripped off stark bollock naked “Please greet me… (READ MORE)


Rugby bird

I believe this is a rugby shirt? It looks like the England rugby shirt to me. But correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t keep the rugby shirt (or whatever it is) on for long. It isn’t long until… (READ MORE)


MILF in pantyhose and knee length boots

I don’t often wear boots, but maybe I should start wearing boots more often? What do you think. I will let you judge by looking at these pictures of me, wearing boots with pantyhose. These are very sexy tight (pantyhose)… (READ MORE)


black and white bondage

I dont go in for much kinky play, I am a bit of a vanilla lady to be honest. But a bit of light bondage sometimes is fun. Would you enjoy me all tied up so you can play with… (READ MORE)


Do my boobs look big in this dress?

Here I am being interviewed on camera, it doesn’t really matter what I am being interviewed for, as long as I end up naked, with my big boobs out masturbating. Which is of course exactly what happens. To start with… (READ MORE)


Red hair and red shoes

I have red hair today to match my red shoes in this big high quality photo shoot. I like to keeps things mixed up. Love changing my hair colour as it makes you feel like a new woman lol. Do… (READ MORE)


Watch me take a shower

Today I am going to let you watch me take a shower. Plus shave myself. I know some men like a women all shaved and others dont. But this is for those who like to watch a MILF lady shave… (READ MORE)