white stockings and strawberies

August 27th, 2014

It must be strawberry picking season again, well strawberry and stockings season any way. In these pictures there are lots and lots of strawberries and not much else apart from me in white fishnet stockings and white satin lingerie. I pose with the strawberries, play with the strawberries, spread with the strawberries and even eat the strawberries.





Britsh exhibitionist flashing her pussy and tits outside

August 26th, 2014

I do like these pictures, I love going out in the summer and flashing and I think these pictures look great, but more than that, they remind me of a good day out flashing in Bedfordshire. I am not wearing a bra today, so it makes it much easier for me to get my breasts out, which is what I know you want to see. But I am also wearing a really short skirt. So I can flash you knickers as well. But it isn’t long before I get my knickers off and give you a good flash of my pussy as well. I know you would love to catch me outside flashing wouldn’t you? Watching me, a real British amateur MILF flashing her wet pussy at you and of course flashing my big boobs at you as well.


Black pantyhose and a dildo

August 25th, 2014

Watch me peel down my crouch stained pantyhose and fuck myself in the pussy. My pantyhose are so wet and sticky that they are stuck hard to my pussy. I know you like pantyhose, well we all do. I love wearing them without any panties on, it gets the crouch all sticky, sometimes after a day at work flirting with all the boys in the office.

“It’s a quiet day at work - your boss is out of the office all day, so you are there on your own. You’ve been feeling quite hot and bothered all morning and its been distracting you from things you’ve been trying to do. Eventually, you cant wait any longer, and decide you need to sort yourself out. As there is no one else around, you sit back at your desk and relax. You gently slide your hands over your breasts, rubbing through your shirt and gently squeezing. Your nipples harden as you rub them, heightening the sensation. You slowly slide one hand down to your short skirt - you pull it up slightly and run your hand up your thigh. You can feel yourself getting wet, and keep moving your hand, so slowly, up your thigh until you reach your panties. You gently rub over your clit, feeling the wetness starting to soak your panties. Your hand pulls your skirt up higher, then slips down inside your panties, over your clit and down to the opening of your pussy. You ever so slowly move your fingers around, touching your clit before sliding one finger inside yourself, feeling the wetness and bringing a gentle moan from your lips.

Just then, I walk in.

I walk over to your desk, seeing at once what you are doing. I quickly move around the desk to your side - I place one hand behind your neck and pull your head towards mine. Our lips meet, pressed together for just a second before our mouths open hungrily and our tongues delve deeply in. My other hand finds your breast, massaging and gently squeezing through your shirt, feeling the hard nipple almost trying to break free of the material. With our lips still locked together and our tongues exploring each others mouths, I unbutton the top button of your shirt - you quickly help me, almost ripping the buttons off in eagerness. I push your shirt open to reveal your breasts, heaving to be free of your bra. I break off our kiss and quickly move my mouth down, pulling your bra straps off your shoulders and releasing your breasts, I give one long, wide lick over your nipple, then run my tongue around it. My free hand again finds your other breast, feeling the warmth of skin on skin contact.

You gently push me back with a smile on your face. You stand, and instruct me to sit in your chair. I do so, wondering what you have in store for me. You quickly pull off your bra and shirt, and stand there in front of me. You start to slide your hands over your skin, feeling your breasts and nipples, then lower, down over your abdomen to your skirt. You start to slowly slide the bottom of your skirt up, revealing more and more leg to me then finally a glimpse of white panties. You turn around, undo your skirt and let it fall to the ground, leaving you standing there in just your panties, stockings and high heels. Once more, you slide and hand down inside your panties - I can see your fingers first playing with your clit, then moving down and sliding into your wet pussy.

Watching you masturbate in front of me is almost too much for me to take - I stand and pull you towards me for another kiss. You quickly pull off my shirt then your hands move down and undo my trousers, sliding inside to find my hard cock. You grasp me and start to slide your hand up and down my length. I also move my hand down, feeling the wetness through your panties, I push them asside and slide a finger inside your pussy, my thumb rubbing over your clit. For a few moments, we remain with lips pressed together, your hand on my cock and my fingers inside your pussy. Then I pull away. I quickly pull off your panties, and push you up against your desk. I lift you slightly so you are sitting on the edge then pull myself close to you. My cock rubs against your clit, but you want me inside you, and use a hand to move me down to your entrance. I push forwards, burying my length inside your wet pussy in one long stroke.

You feel me inside you. You wrap your legs around me and pull me close with your arms as I start to thrust in and out, pulling almost right out before sliding deeply back inside you. Our pace quickens as we start to loose ourselves in the waves of pleasure we are creating. Your gentle moans become louder, not caring who might be around to hear what we are doing. You feel yourself building up, getting closer to cuming just as I quicken the pace, thrusting deeply inside you in long hard moves. You try to hold on, but you cant stop yourself and as you begin to come, crying out with the pleasure, you feel me cuming too - with a last few thrusts we come together, grasping each other tightly as the pleasure shudders through us.

After a moment, I gently pull out of you. I find your panties, and slowly slide them back on and up your legs. Your skirt is next, followed by your bra (with a brief pause to kiss your breasts) and shirt. I pull on my trousers and shirt, and after a lingering goodbye kiss I walk back out of your office, leaving you in a warm glow of satisfaction.”


The guitar

August 24th, 2014

This is a very big set. Really it is two sets in one. Im not sure anyone in the world has a guitar fetish. But if you like to see a big boob MILF in nothing but stockings and heels then I am sure you will enjoy this set. I start fully dressed, strip down to nothing but stockings and heels next to a guitar for some reason lol





Down blouse loving video of British big boob down blouse

August 23rd, 2014

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I have also done a video or two for down blouse loving and I have a small video here on my site bedfordshireblonde short movie from down blouse loving

British amateur milf getting naked in public in this Bedfordshire village

August 22nd, 2014

I love to go out flashing and I love to show you the results of what I have been up too. Today I am out and about in the small village in Bedfordshire. It isn’t long before I am naked and spreading my pussy in public for you. What would you do if you was out in the local village and you bumped into a milf like me naked and posing in front of the camera? Well if you do see me naked in public and recognize me, come and say hello. These pictures are very good I think, better than the usual very amateur pictures of me. I hope you like looking at me naked in public as much as I liked getting naked in public.


Do you like a milf in thigh high hooker boots?

August 21st, 2014

These are my thigh high hooker boots. I often wear these thigh high boots when I go to swingers parties with my partner. I am wearing these thigh high boots today with a pink short pleated skirt and pink panties. If you like I will pull up my skirt and give you a flash of my pink panties and the top of my thigh high boots? Would you like that? Do you like to watch a milf in thigh high boots? As well as flashing you my boots and panties I also let you have a good look at my soaking wet pussy. Do you like to watch a mature woman spreading her pussy lips?


MILF in white stockings and eating strawberies

August 19th, 2014

In a posh hotel for once doing some pictures. Having a little drink, eating some strawberries and dressed up in white stockings and a corset. These are nice big pictures of good quality. Wearing black heels there are lots of spread pics here. As a “climax” I’m eating strawberries, I’m not sure why, but the photographer thought it would look good. So we did it. lol





The Bedfordshire Blonde goes back to blonde

August 19th, 2014

O.K I tried the brunette thing for a while, but decided blonde was better for me. It is true what they say, blonde’s do have more fun. You get way more attention from men as a blonde. Anyway if you want to get even more attention I guess I will have to get my boobs out for you. That should get your attention. What do you think? Does it look OK? My hair I mean not my boobs. The pictures may be a bit over exposed but thats what a real amateur site is all about. you have to take the good quality with the not so good.


Milf french maid masturbating in stockings

August 18th, 2014

As you may or may not know I’m actually an accountant. But when I clean the house I like to dress up as a naughty French Maid. Well it does make the house work so much more fun. Especially when I dress in white hold up stockings as well. I also have a little pair of little white panties on that get very wet when I know you are looking at me. They are so wet I need to take them off and smell them. You can see me sniffing my own wet white panties here. Before fucking myself with a wooden rolling pin. Do you like watching a mature women masturbating while dressed up in uniforms and stockings? If you do then enjoy my own personal amateur pictures.


Big boobs and nails

August 17th, 2014

Just a nice set of boob pictures here. Sometimes it is nice just to get them out and give you a good look. So that is what we have here. I have not much on at all and I have my large MILF boobs out on display for you. Oh and I am going to show you my gold painted nails



Bitchy Secretary Sabrina loves black cock

August 16th, 2014

There is something here for everyone, for any of you who like to be humiliated about how precisely tiny your cock is, in that case this is certainly for yourself. However if you simply enjoy observing the horny secretary at work on her chair fucking her cunt with a massive black dildo in that case this is for you.

sabrina says “Watch when I pull my panties down and spread my stocking covered legs. You’re able to view me personally open nice and wide while pushing this huge black tool in to my own wet shaved hole. You can view precisely how large ebony pricks tends to make me. ”

Do you have any bitchy secretary within your place of work who enjoys to tease? I’ll guess she additionally is in love with large charcoal prick and fantasizes about shagging these while using the big dildo’s on her desk. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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