British MILF in odd amateur photoshoot

July 24th, 2014

These pictures were taken by a friend of mine, well not so much a friend but an amateur photographer I know. We did a couple of different scenarios. The first is pretty normal, but the second we have some oddness going on. Especially where he gets me to cut some holes in this white t shirt to see my nipples poking through. Then we cut a whole in my shorts to see my ass and pussy showing through. I am not sure if it is really top wanking material, but hopefully you might enjoy them.


British wives are unfaithful and looking for cock

July 23rd, 2014

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MILF in red fishnets

July 22nd, 2014

This photographer did some playing around with the pictures for me. So you get the raw pictures of me in red fishnet stockings and red lingerie. Then some pictures that have been played with and are a bit more arty. But all the pictures end with me with not much on and fucking myself with a black dildo. The picture quality is of a high standard and this is a great pro/am photographer to work with.





Lady Sonia organises a member of her site to fuck housewife Mia

July 21st, 2014

lady sonia spoke to English MILF Mia on the mobile phone on Saturday evening for making the plans just for this video. This wife had planned to arrange for the spouse to drive her down and wait for his wife while in the car while she came in to “organise a fuck” then lady sonia was to arrange for any. lady sonia member to get here and set in order that she could undress, take the film along with him after which quickly dress and get back into her husbands vehicle not having him being aware of anything at all concerning this in any respect until eventually Mia explained to him about this during sex later that evening. The plan had been that Mia desired to only suck the younger guys BIG fat dick after which make the man ejaculate across Mia’s great make-up however once the wife got the young individuals massivedick in to her palm she got some other thoughts and to Lady Sonia’s large surprise the wife climbed up upon the sofa along with the man then took his cock fully into Mia’s VERY small pussy and rode him really hard for the video camera! This length of the settee is utterly great to watch her tiny cunt expand to accommodate this dick just in case you’re some sort of lover of seeing GENUINE married wives making the most of extra marital pleasure without their own husband’s understanding then this film seriously is rather special! Enjoy the entire length lady sonia video here.

British MILF dressed as a schoolgirl

July 20th, 2014

For some reason men love to see women dressed in their old school uniforms, even when it is a MILF in her school uniform. I guess there is something about white panties white ankle socks and a school tie that gets men going. It certainly is one of the most popular requests I get from the men I have met over the years. Well here I am today in my old school uniform, with my old grey pleated skirt, white socks and tie, with of course a white virginal panty up skirt for you.


school teacher in stockings

July 19th, 2014

What do you think would make you work harder, to be threatened with my cane or a flash of my stockings?  I think I look like a strict school mistress don’t you? Would you like to be in my classroom?

“When no one was looking I would climb under your desk. I would slide my hand up your skirt and slowly remove your panties. I would then run my hands up the inside of your thighs and massage your clit. Slowly to start with. Then I would slide a finger inside you slow and deep.

After a little while I would hitch up your skirt and pull you to slouch in your chair. I would then run my tongue over your clit. Flicking it against your wet warm hole. After a while. I would come out from under the table and lead you to your empty  office. I would sit down on his chair. Pop out my cock, hitch up your skirt and slide u on top of me.”


British MILF on a naughty amateur photoshoot

July 18th, 2014

Sometimes an amateur photo shoot gets a bit naughty, when the amateur photographer cant keep his hands off you. Like is these amateur pictures that I did with an amateur photographer. There are a selection of pictures with me in all different outfits. But mainly different stockings and lingerie. This photographer couldn’t keep his hands off me and kept opening my pussy lips so he could get close up pictures of my wet milf pussy. What would you do if you was my amateur photographer? Would you be able to keep your hands off my pussy?


British housewife dresses as a French maid

July 17th, 2014

Watch this real British housewife dressing up as a French maid and black stockings. Before she pulls down her panties and fucks herself with a dildo


British MILF Sandy in arty amateur pictures

July 16th, 2014

OK, this is an amateur site, I don’t pretend anything else. But occasionally I come across a photographer who likes to do more arty pictures. They like to use my body for art. These are about as arty as my pictures get. There are a selection of pictures here. Some with me posing, some with some dark lighting. Some stocking pictures and some glove pictures. There are also a selection of black and white pictures, some naked and some with gloves on. I could make up a few galleries out of these pictures, but I decided although the themes were different, they were all in the arty category, so I have added them all together to make a big gallery.


MILF in Pink and white polka dots dress

July 15th, 2014

I have worn this dress before for pictures and it proved to be quite popular and so I am wearing it again for some very naughty pictures. These pictures are large in size and are of very good quality. Which is a good thing as you get to see loads of very explicit close ups of my wet MILF pussy. Which I just shaved for you. So I guess it is a wet, shaved, MILF pussy.





British M.I.L.F in home made panty and pussy pictures

July 15th, 2014

Do you like this matching bra and panty set? Men love to watch me with my hands down my panties playing with my pussy. In these pictures that’s exactly what I am up too. Watch me masturbate and then pull my panties aside so you can get a good look at my pussy. Do you like a mature ladies pussy? I am definitely a milf who likes to show men exactly what they want. What they usually want is to watch me masturbate, or to watch my big big boobs. Take your cock out and wank while you watch me play with my big boobs and wet pussy.


MILF in pink panties and pink bra

July 14th, 2014

I love all sorts of lingerie, as all women my age do. I especially like black and white, but a bit of colour now and again looks very sex, as I am sure you agree. In these pictures I am wearing a pair of pink panties and pink bra and I am hoping you enjoy them. Now tell me, do you like them? When I flash my pink panties at you, does it make you go hard? What about when I pull down my bra and my large breasts fall out? Is that something you would like to see?


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